The Dean Hotel

Francisca Wolters

If you are headed to Providence, Rhode Island you will want to stay with The Dean! It’s where old school meets new school.

It’s hip, chic & modern vintage all under one roof.



Bee & Mason

The American Safari

Second Shout Out

The beauty of luxury camping at Paws Up is that it bridges the divide between the authentic experience of communing with nature, and adult desires for amenities and comfort. Each safari-like tent features fine linens, The Last Best Bed, chic rustic furnishings, a private master bathroom, cooling fans, heat and, most importantly, a skilled camp chef and a highly attentive camping butler at your beck and call. Guests at our camps can participate in all activities and are encouraged to experience everything Montana’s only 37,000-acre luxury ranch resort has to offer.



How To Design A Vintage Picnic

Gail Smith-Peterson

Happy Easter!!  “Designing with Vintage” with Gail Smith-Peterson
Simple entertaining many years ago involved gathering outdoors to share a packed meal. A picnic. When I look at old photos of my family I see those special occasions. I scope out the details in the picture to see the vintage design details. Especially love it when there is a picnic photo. Many times I have thought, we should take the time to simply throw a picnic.

Simple and inviting.

Try not to use paper or plastic.

Bring anything you like for a picnic.

A vintage suitcase can carry the picnic items, then it becomes a table top.

Vintage crates can be filled too to transport food and dishes, then utilized as risers.

A little clever shade might be useful. This can be made easily with vintage sheets.

This vintage tin is perfect for holding the sandwiches

I hope you will be inspired to gather your family and friends for a picnic.

Design Tip: There are no rules, enjoy the moment!

Team and Vintage Lifestestyle Contribitor
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Garden Accessories

Francisca Wolters

Spring is in the air which means time to work in the garden and ready it for warmer, longer days.
We often just think of plants but there is so much more one can add to the yard to make a statement.
Seeing decorative concrete in the yard, can add whimsy and elegance where ever you want.

Francisca Wolters
Bee and Mason

French Terracotta Parefeuille and Lanson Tiles

Second Shout Out

Check out our featured projects happening at Second Shout Out.  Look how beautiful they are turning out.

French Terracotta Parefeuille – A beautiful antique tile that has its background as a sub-roofing tile, our reclaimed Parefeuille tiles were originally used as an underlayment for the Mediterranean-style roofs in France. As a result, these tiles have two distinctive sides. The smooth side was pointed towards the room below the roof and is now used as the floor surface. The rough side was used to adhere to the roof tiles with mortar and is now used as the underside of the tile. These are unique elemental tiles and have not been fired as hard as other antique terracotta tiles.

Ocean, Sand and Salt

Second Shout Out

Vintage Rustic Containers

Gail Smith-Peterson

Saturday’s “Designing with Vintage” with Gail Smith-Peterson ~ Vintage Rustic Containers

Sometimes a rustic vintage container catches your eye, you pass it by simply because your not sure what you could do with it. Spring is the perfect time to plant your favorite flowers or herbs in containers. They are unique, easy and you can place them exactly where you want to see them. Shop Vintage Baskets + Vintage Utilitity and Storage + Antique & Vintage Outdoor Furniture

Vintage watering cans and galvanized buckets can be filled and placed anywhere. Drilling a hole in the bottom ensures proper drainage.

Boxes,crates and old wooden trunks make great containers. If the paint is worn and chippy with old advertising on them, even better!

A simple vintage bakers pan. The perfect little reminder its spring.

Vintage wagons are perfect for container gardening. Easy to move anywhere.

A favorite of mine are these vintage goat wagons. A little scarce to find.

Simply stunning

Galvanized buckets can be found in all sizes and shapes. Work well in pairs.

Wine barrels have great character and versatile. Dwarf trees, vegetables and strawberry’s do well planted in them.

My design tip: If space is limited, a rustic garden container is perfect. A drainage hole is essential. Simply bring the container inside for the evening if your having a party!

A beautiful Saturday to you, Happy Spring!
xo, Gail
TEAM & Lifestyle Vintage Contributor
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Spring Time

Second Shout Out

On the East Coast we are all ready for Spring, as this past winter was a tough one.  Gardeners are out preparing the land and we are just beginning to see blooms. With Easter around the corner we are sharing some April inspiration of the indoors and outdoors, it's time to start sprucing up, opening the windows and tons of planting.




Book Stores and Books

Francisca Wolters

I have always been a fan of books. You know that saying “ a house without books is a home without a soul”, it is so true!

There isn’t a room in my home without a book. There are all kinds of books…coffee table, fiction, non-fiction, vintage, new and the list goes on.
Here are a few homes that have truly embraced books.  Check out Second Shout Out's selection of vintage books.


Reading is sexy and so is a home with books!
Bee & Mason

New and Old

Jesse Turek

A Copenhagen home with the perfect balance of new and old.

Jesse Turek
Lifestyle Contributor & Interior Designer, NYC
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